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Deshank Service

Transform your old pointe shoes into soft blocks or demi-pointe shoes, to get a little extra use out of them. 

Pointe Shoes often don't last that long, maybe the toe box softens too much or the insole has become too flexible and not supporting the way it should. 

If your shoes have died, still fit you, but are no longer safe for pointe work, you can deshank your shoes and use them as Demi-Pointe shoes. Demi-Pointe shoes are a great way to make the feet work harder, helping to strengthen them and also still provides you with the same feeling and challenge to your balance and control that a normal pair of pointe shoes would. Doing Barre or perhaps Adage in the centre or Pirouettes in Demi-Pointe shoes can be a very different experience to wearing the soft canvas or leather Ballet Shoes we have become so used to wearing. 

Deshank plus pair suede insole liners £16

Deshank without suede insole liners £11

Suede Insole Liners applied to any Pointe Shoes or Demi-Pointes  Only £11  


DIY Purchase of Suede Sole Liners £8.95 from Pointe Accessories in the SHOP