Footlogix pediceutical treatments and products are endorsed by leading Doctors and Podiatrists globally.

Footlogix Pediceuticals is a transformational foot-care line formulated to provide effective rapid treatment and care of a variety of skin conditions affecting the feet, from simple dryness to more severe conditions resulting from fungal infections and Diabetes.

Footlogix products are free of any synthetic oils and use Dermal Infusion Technology to penetrate the outer layers of the skin instantly, leaving no greasy residue and are non-occlusive allowing the skin to function and transpire normally.

Professional pedicure using special doub
Pedicurist's hands in protective rubber


 Footlogix Softening Soak

& Seaweed Scrub

  File & Shape Nail Tidy


Prescriptive Footlogix

 Mousse Application

  35 mins   £25

Student Dancers Under18  £20

Beautiful pedicured feet and manicured h


A treatment to focus on any areas of dry or rough skin, calluses and cracked heels. Uses prescriptive Footlogix products to address any specific foot problems.

Footlogix Soak

Seaweed Scrub

File & Shape

Dry Skin & Callus Treatment

 Foot Massage

  Prescriptive Mousse Application 

*Does not include any Cuticle work or Polish. 

50 Mins  £35

Student Dancers Under 18    £30​

wet foot with flower of orchid.jpg


An in-depth remedial Pedicure using the10 step treatment with Footlogix therapeutic and medicated products.

Footlogix Soak  

 Seaweed Scrub

  File & Shape & Cuticle Tidy     Dry Skin and Callus Treatment  

 Foot & Lower Leg Massage


  Prescriptive Mousse Application  

Buff Nail Shine Finish 

70 mins   £ 40

Student Dancers Under18  £35

Regular enamel nail polish can be added if required

to any of the above treatments

(please request in advance and 

allow extra time !)

ADD £5

Footlogix products are available for your continued home-care routine to treat any skin conditions on the feet.  Order directly through Pointe Pura 


Examples of Before and After Regularly Using Footlogix Pediceutical Mousse Treatments 


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