Sandalwood & Lemon Bath & Body Oil

Sandalwood & Lemon Bath & Body Oil

This comforting treatment oil has been specially designed to carefully calm and soothe the body. Creating using a sensuous blend of fragrant Sandalwood and Rosewood Essential Oils to ensure muscles are properly
rested and skin is comforted whilst the mind is aided in winding down. Added Apricot Seeds further nourish the body, guaranteeing skin is utterly hydrated and left feeling soft and smooth.


Ginger & Lemongrass Bath & Body Oil

The Warming Ginger Body Oil has been specifically formulated to indulge the body for a complete spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home. Guaranteed to restore elasticity and suppleness, ensuring that skin feels thoroughly nourished and pampered. An uplifting mixture of aromatic Ginger, Lemongrass and Orange Essential Oils is sure to awaken the senses and provide an energising kick to tired muscles. 

Added active ingredients such as Calendula, Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamins A and E deliver all you need to gently restore natural softness to skin

MONUSPA Bath & Body Oil Duo


    Lemon  - Incredible brightening effects to the skin as well as helping to control oiliness and breakouts.

    Lemongrass - A stronger, sweeter aroma than lemon and is good for relaxing tired limbs. It will improve energy and stimulate the system. Used in skincare for the treatment of oily skin conditions.

    Ginger Essential Oil - Ginger has a spicy aroma and is useful in a massage blend as a warming and refreshing tonic for tired muscles.

    Sandalwood Essential Oil - With a sweet, woody scent this oil will have a relaxing effect. Sandalwood is excellent in the treatment of stress and insomnia. Good for dry, chapped or cracked skin.


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