The Donatella pointe shoe by Capezio has a moderate, slightly tapered toe box and a slightly firmer No.3 light to moderate strength shank. The half length shank provides even more flexibility under the arch of the foot, whilst the No3 leather board shank under the ball of the foot provides slightly firmer support for the metatarsals.  


Product Features:

  • Slightly tapered toe box for medium to broad forefoot with tapered toes
  • Low vamp, low sides, flattened low profile crown
  • Slight "U" shape throat
  • Pleatless toe with moderately wide toe platform
  • Anti-slip, rose pink colored interior lining
  • Elasticised binding with elastic drawstring
  • Thin leather outer sole.
  • Lightweight wing toe box for lateral support
  • Best Fit: Medium to broad forefoot with tapered toes
  • Start with 3 sizes down from US size for nearest approximate UK size.

Capezio Donatella #3

SKU: 1139W