Footlogix Tired Leg Formula   125ml

Special Treatment Solutions - Reduces foot and leg fatigue. Can be used safely with any accompanying skin conditions -dry skin, cracked skin, skin and nails prone to fungus but NOT recommended for already sweaty or clammy feet conditions.  Can also be used for wearers of tights, compression garments or similar as it does not break down the elastic fibres.

Suitable for Diabetic Skin.

The worlds first and only PEDICEUTICAL mousse footcare line using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and scientifically formulated with active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper to treat troubled feet. Results can be seen rapidly from curing dryness to more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes. 

*Patented Dermal Infusion Technology  * Quickly Absorbed   * Non-Oily    * Diabetic Safe 


Please allow a 3-4 days from time of ordering.

Footlogix Tired Leg Formula