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Capezio Cambre Broad Toe pointe shoe has a broad, spacious feathered toe box and a moderately firm, No4 leather board shank which is 1/2 length skived to zero, which means it is very flexible under the arch of the foot.  Ideal for a broad forefoot with gently tapered toes.

  • Broad toe box with wide platform
  • Deep vamp, low sides with narrow heel
  • Slight "U" shape throat 
  • Flatter lower profile crown
  • Pleatless Toe Construction
  • Anti-slip, rose colored interior lining
  • Elasticized binding 
  • #4 leather board shank, 1/2 skived to zero
  • Full wing box for lateral support
  • Scored outsole for enhanced traction


Model: 1128W  No4  half length leather board Shank  

Widths:  N, M, W, WW


Sizes are in US size.

Conversion guide: UK size equivalent is approximately 2.5 or 3 sizes down from US size.  e.g.  US 7 = UK 4 

Capezio Cambre Broad Toe #4

SKU: 1128W
  • Pointe Shoes

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