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Balance from within.

Initial Consultation & Treatment       £45

 75 mins

Foot Reflexology  60 mins             £40

Express Foot Treatment or 

 Vertical Reflexology    30 mins      £32

5 x 60 mins Foot Reflex treatments  £175  

(saving £5 on each treatment)

(Must be used within 4 months of date of purchase)

Treatment includes welcome ritual, breathing techniques to encourage deep relaxation and a hot towels foot cleanse.

Reflexology treatments are truly holistic and intensely therapeutic for the whole body. 

The anatomy and all the systems of the body -circulatory, respiratory, digestive and endocrine, to name just a few, all correspond with reflex zones on the feet, face and hands. Specific pressures are made using thumbs and fingers on these precise areas, stimulating the reflexes to help bring about a whole body balancing effect, whilst promoting deep relaxation.

A series of treatments or a regular treatment, may help to bring about long term relief from a wide and varied range of symptoms, improving energy levels, relieving stress

and improving the sense of emotional well-being. 


The conventional method of Reflexology treatment and its huge benefits for recipients, have been well documented over time and is usually carried out on the reflex points that are mapped out on the soles of the feet while the receiver is comfortably reclined. Advanced Reflexology techniques are used in this treatment. 


Vertical Reflexology can also provide deeper access to the reflex points on the top and sides of the feet, ankles and lower leg, usually done whilst the recipient is standing for a brief period of time and is ideal for a shorter condensed treatment.

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