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What is Pilates Exercise?

Originally developed by Joseph Pilates, who in the 1920’s created his system of exercises, now known as the Pilates Method. He first helped patients in an infirmary to regain strength and mobility and to overcome illness and disability, eventually setting up the first Pilates studio in New York, where his highly successful method attracted professional Dancers, Actors, Athletes and Gymnasts.

The Pilates method of exercise is now a recognised and respected method of mind-body conditioning, recommended by GP’s, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

Pilates helps build a strong core - those abdominals that support the pelvis and the spine and promotes joint health. Mat or floor based exercises can be learned and performed with modifications to suit the needs of the individual, which can then later transition into new positions and exercises with some flow from one movement to the next. The flow centers around control and precision of all the movements. The ultimate mind-body form of exercise with a diversity of exercises to suit a range of levels from beginner to advanced and all ages and abilities. Pilates is a form of body conditioning that feels good and fits everyone with motivation towards a healthy lifestyle and can be particularly useful to those with a keen interest in any sport activities such as Golf, Skiing, Horse Riding, Ice Skating and Dancers to mention just a few.

What are the benefits?








Private Tuition or Group sessions?

Pilates exercises can be taught in group Pilates fitness style classes that are more generalised, but also commonly taught in a private 1-1 tuition environment to provide closer Teacher supervision and the ability to have exercises tailored specifically to suit the needs of the participant, also when extra caution should be adopted to address specific problems such as some musculo-skeletal problems, postural issues, rehabilitation, and post operatively for injury prevention and recovery. Private or Semi-Private tuition can be advantageous as the teacher can provide more attention to the individual(s) and offer more corrections and assistance where required. The exercises and intensity are chosen to suit the ability of the participant(s). 

Pilates exercises can be done whilst lying on a mat on the floor known as Pilates Matwork and also using a variety of small or larger equipment.

Private Intro

1 Hour

All new clients require an introduction to Pilates principles and postural assessment


Private 1-1

1 Hour

Private Pilates session tailored to your needs using Matwork repertoire and small equipment


Private 1-1 x 5

5 Sessions - 1 hour

Save money and boost your motivation! Buy five private Pilates sessions in advance to use when you like within a 3 month validity from time of purchase.


Private 1-1 x10

Total of 10 Sessions - 1 hour 

Save money and boost your motivation! Buy ten private Pilates sessions in advance

Use within 3 month validity from time of purchase.


Semi-Private 2-1

1 Hour

Some people prefer to practice Pilates with a friend or partner - its more fun and motivating to share your experience and it saves you money.

£35 p/p

 2-1 Semi-Priv x5

5 Sessions for 2 people - 1 hour 

Save money and boost your motivation! Buy Semi-private Pilates sessions in advance for you and your friend or partner.

Use within 3 months from time of purchase.

£150 p/p

2-1 Semi-Priv x10

Total of 10 sessions for 2 people - 1 hour

Save money and boost your motivation! Buy ten semi-private Pilates sessions in advance for you and your friend or partner.

Use when you like within a 3 month validity from time of purchase.

£270 p/p

Pilates for Dancers

1 hour

Pilates for Dance Students Under 18's

1 hour private session 


Pilates for Dancers 2-1

1 hour

Pilates for Dance Students Under 18 

Semi-Private 2-1 Pilates tuition

Price shown is for 2 students

£25 p/p


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