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For professional unbiased advice, remedial solutions for your feet and pointe shoes and any applicable exercises to help you 

(No obligation to buy new shoes! )

Pointe Shoes are never perfect for every foot and most dancers will admit to constantly striving to find the perfect pair of shoes. 

The closest fit is of upmost importance, as ill fitting shoes can cause damage and injury to the foot, but we all have different shaped feet and toes and every pair unique to you. 

So what happens if you already have a fairly new pair of pointe shoes, perhaps you have broken them in, worn them to class a few times and suddenly find that something starts to bother you....maybe you discover discomfort, pain, friction, blisters, excess toe pressure or struggling to get over the toe platform...?


Consultation Fee -  Up to 60 minutes   £30

(Less than 30 minutes will be charged at £20 only)

No consultation charge is made if you decide to purchase new pointe shoes.