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Tips On Toe Shoes

Feet and Pointe Shoes are complex things and no two feet are ever the same.

Personally I would never recommend self-fitting unless you are very experienced and confident.

The foot in the fully pointed position curves and shortens depending on the flexibility of the foot and ankle, the strength of the foot, experience and duration of Pointe Work study, will determine what strength of shoe and shank is best suited for the dancer. Usually, a lighter more flexible shoe is most desirable for a young petite beginner. 

The length and also the shape of the toe box is critical to provide suitable support for the forefoot and length of the toes, but also can either assist the dancer to reach her optimum position en pointe or restrict the natural forward movement of the foot into the correct position thus pushing the dancer backwards off pointe! 

Any toe pads or toe protectors that are used will alter the width and fit of the length of the shoe by sometimes half to a full shoe size.

Ask about the best solutions for you, your feet and your Pointe Shoes! 

Take notice of any continuing problems eg. Blisters in same area, problems with little toe or second toe being longer than the big toe, big toe with excessive pressure, damage to nails, bunions etc. These can all be indicators of trouble and should not be ignored. Often there are remedies to assist with these types of issues and to protect your feet from unecessary discomfort and long term damage. 

See the Pointe Clinic information page and consider booking an appointment if you need help to remedy any problems

I have known many variations in the size and fit during a fitting when the feet may be cool and then the young dancer finds that their feet feel different in the shoes after they have been active all day or dancing and completed a Ballet class session, when the feet are very hot. 

If you are uncertain about your shoes when you get them home and try them again, DO NOT WEAR THEM OR SEW ANY RIBBONS OR DARN THE TOE PLATFORM !

Get your teacher to check them and if needs be return with them to enable you to have another re-fit. 

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