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Facial reflexology is an amazingly relaxing and therapeutic treatment for both Men and Women, not only can it help to improve your over all sense of well being and a really powerful stress reliever, it can provide all the health benefits that foot reflexology can, but also leave your skin and face with a healthy fresh glow and possibly even a younger, more youthful appearance.

 I did my training in this technique with Ziggie Bergman who developed this groundbreaking treatment and has been a leading teacher, international speaker, author and expert in Facial Reflexology for over 35 years. 

Facial reflexology works on the reflex points on the face and because of the close proximity to the brain, it is a wonderfully effective and profoundly deep relaxing treatment, that connects directly to the body's nerve pathways, stimulating and prompting the body's own ability to rebalance and heal, releasing stress and tension whilst improving the circulation to the tissues, this also helps to encourage the release of toxins from the body.

Facial Reflexology can provide many benefits through a series of treatments, but also many clients notice that their skin feels softer and smoother with a more radiant healthy complexion and toned appearance as this treatment is also beneficial for the skin, increases circulation and relieves facial and scalp muscle tension all at the same time. 

If you have tried Reflexology on the feet before and found yourself to be too sensitive to the sensations you experienced for you to relax fully, try Facial Reflexology as an alternative. Most people are so relaxed, they fall asleep very quickly ! 

This treatment is also very popular for Men and treatment oils can be selected to appeal.

Facial Reflexology benefits may include:

  • Reduction of headaches

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved circulation to the face and head

  • Relieve Sinus issues and congestion

  • Deep relaxation, stress & anxiety relief

  • Rejuvenating effect on your skin

  • Improved concentration

  • Relief of facial tension and tension in the jaw. 

  • Relief of facial tension due to Teeth grinding /Bruxism 

Treatment includes aromatherapy hot towel deep cleanse, breathing for relaxation, head and neck massage and choice of natural Facial Oils for use during your treatment and personal preference for your skin type by Neals Yard Organic or MONU Professional Skin Care. 


For your maximum comfort and relaxation, the treatment is normally conducted with the recipient fully reclined.  Please advise in advance if you have difficulty being fully reclined and require a different suitable position for your treatment.

First Consultation & Treatment  75 mins   £55

60 minute Treatment  £50           5 Treatments   £225

Extended Treatment Face & Feet combined     90 mins  £60




Add-On  Individual  Facial Reflexology  £14


Add-On Extended Face & Feet Treatment  £18

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