Holistic Body Massage

Sometimes, all you need is a few hours vacation.....

Back Neck Shoulders  30 mins  £35

Back Neck Shoulders Scalp 45 mins £43

Full Body  (without abdomen) 60 mins £50

Full Body with Face & Scalp 75 mins  £55

Legs & Feet Only     30 mins £30

Arms & Hands Only 30 mins £30

Massage is one of the oldest methods of healing.

Whilst it stimulates the circulation, it also soothes and calms the nervous system, bringing about deep relaxation for the whole body. It relieves stiffness, loosens tense, tired, aching muscles and joints, improving mobility and range of movement and can help to speed recovery.

Classic Swedish massage style techniques are combined with a combination of Holistic relaxation and remedial massage techniques and stretches. Massage routine and appropriate pressure may be adapted and tailored to suit your needs and comfort level during the treatment.

Please note: this is not a Deep Tissue Massage.


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