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The Donatella pointe shoe by Capezio has a moderate, slightly tapered toe box and a No.2 light support strength leather board shank with only No.1 strength under the ball of foot to assist easy roll-thru the demi-pointe. Half length shank to provide maximum flexibility under the arch of the foot.


Product Features:

  • Slightly tapered toe box for medium to wide forefoot with tapered toes
  • Low vamp, low sides, flatten low profile crown
  • Slight "U" shape throat
  • Pleatless toe with moderately wide toe platform
  • Anti-slip, rose pink colored interior lining
  • Elasticised binding with elastic drawstring
  • Thin leather outer sole.
  •  Lightweight wing toe box for lateral support
  • Best Fit: Medium to broad forefoot with tapered toes

Capezio Donatella #2

SKU: 1138W
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