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Capezio Tiffany pointe shoe is a very popular Capezio pointe shoe in the USA. Very similar to the popular Capezio Bella model in the UK with slightly tapered feathered toe box and moderately deep vamp.   

Medium strength number 3" leather board shank, 3/4 shank.

Features built-in, plush inner lining for extra comfort and a wide platform for much needed stability.

Stitched pleating construction absorbs sound. 

Ideal for an Egyptian or moderate (Greek) foot and gently tapered toes.  

Full wing box for lateral support

Satin binding with elastic drawstring

Best Fit: Medium to broader forefoot with toes that taper

Model: 126 - No3   3/4 leather board shank

Widths: N, M,

 Sizes are in US size. Conversion guide: UK size equivalent is approximately 3 sizes down from US size. e.g. US 7 = UK 4

Capezio Tiffany #3

SKU: 126
  • Pointe Shoes

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