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Capezio Glisse  Model 102MS    ( Glisse 102 Pointe Shoes. See sperate listing)

Broad very slightly tapered  toe box with round throat and deep vamp.

Broad toe platform.

Medium height profile crown

Moderate depth of sides and narrower heel.

3/4 length shorter shank giving greater flexibility

102MS No5  strength 3/4 shank  - MS firmer strength under ball of foot. 

Co-ordinated Satin Binding. Elasticated drawstring.  

Grey suede leather anti-slip interior lining.

Medium to broad forefoot with gently tapered toes or squarer foot 

Model:  GLISSE 102  No3 3/4  Shank  or GLISSE 102 MS No5  3/4 shank 

Widths:  N, M, W

Colour: Petal Pink

Sizes are in US size.

My suggested conversion guide: UK size equivalent is approximately 2.5 or 3 sizes down from US size.  e.g.  US 7 = UK 4 

Capezio Glisse MS

  • Pointe Shoes

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