The Capezio Kylee pointe shoe has a low profile flatter toe box with a very slightly tapered toe and a No.1 very light strength leather board shank and easy roll-thru the demi-pointe. Ideal for very young, petite dancers, beginners and those requiring a very lightweight flexible shoe to assist finding correct position en-pointe. 


Product Features:

  • Slightly tapered toe box for medium to wide forefoot with tapered toes
  • Moderate height vamp, standard sides, narrow heel.
  • High and broad platform for easier balance
  • Slight "U" shape throat with satin binding and cotton drawstring
  • Hand-flattened crown
  • Traditional Turned-Shoe Construction
  • Anti-slip, rose pink colored interior lining
  • Thin leather outer sole
  • No 1 very light leather board shank provides flexibility to the arch and easier roll through under ball of foot.
  • Lightweight wing toe box for lateral support
  • Best Fit: Medium to broad forefoot with tapered toes
  • Petal Pink Satin
  • Available US Sizes  5 - 10    Widths:  N, (Narrow)   M, (Medium)  W (Wide)          
  •  Suggest starting with 3 sizes down from US size for approximate UK Size.

Capezio Kylee #1

Shank Strength


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