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Choose any specific value listed or select any combination to reach the value you require. Your chosen total value will be issued on one Gift Voucher. (unless you specify that you wish to have seperate values on different vouchers!)

Gift Vouchers are a wonderful way of giving or sending a gift to a loved one.

The Pointe Pura Gift Voucher can be issued for a specified value of your choice and once issued, can be used towards holistic treatments, Pilates tuition or other services and also beautiful products, so that it gives the receiver the option to choose how they spend it.  

Terms & Conditions Apply : Valid for 6 months from date of issue.  Non-Refundable.  

May be used in total or in part towards the cost of products or services but not permitted to exchange for money, if used for lesser value than the gift voucher is issued. The holder may use towards goods or services of a greater value and pay any additional amount themselves.  

Goods & Products are not refundable for cash when paying using a Gift Voucher.

Gift Vouchers

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