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One of the innovative range of "Smart" Pointe Shoes by Grishko

Grishko claim they protect, give a feeling of comfort, adapt to the foot shape and facilitate movement.

New glue used in production provides lightness and durability.

Elegant and lightweight shoe with gently tapered box shape,  slightly more angled and less flat medium profile toe box, broad balanced platform, medium vamp and longer flexible wings.  Round throat. Heel is 5 mm lower than is Grishko2007 model.

Suitable for a variety of foot shapes - best for slightly tapered or sqaurer foot shapes with broader metatarsals or those with bunions.

Recommended for dancers working in a range of "standard" shanks that do not require super strength support.


Not advised for Dancers with very high arches who are already working in a Grishko SH shank in another model

This model has its own special shanks: LM (Light Medium), LH (Light Hard).
Suede Leather Outer Sole.

Model 0525

Shank Strength -  LM Light Medium or LH Light Hard

Sizes:  3 - 8   

Widths:   X, XX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX

Can't see your size ?  Please ask - it may be possible to order it for you! 

Grishko Miracle

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