Braless Concealers by Suffolk Dance are soft and flexble to form to curves without bulk for use under leotards, dancwear, costumes or evening dresses. These silicone concealers have tapered edges to blend seamlessly onto skin. The matte finish will not reflect stage lights or flash photography to ensure modesty. Perfect for the younger dancer that needs coverage, but does not require the support of a bra. Concealers are reusable and can be worn over and over. Hand wash with mild soap and water, allow to air dry, and the adhesive will be reactivated for additional use.
Store in compact case provided.  Can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time.  
One Size Only 
100% Silicone
CAUTION:  Do Not Use If Allergic to Silicone 

Braless Concealers



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