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Phoenix lightweight Pointe Shoe by Capezio.

Gently tapered low profile flatter toe box with low vamp length - great for mid length or much shorter toes 

Elasticated binding provides maximum stretch

Microfiber lining

New heel design relieves excess pressure on the Achilles Tendon

Slightly raised sides accommodate higher insteps

Wings to provide lateral support

High and wide platform for easy balancing. Pleatless toe box.

Removable gel on internal platform edge to alleviate toe pressure

No2 board shank 1/2 shank length provides light support and maximum flexibility at the arch

Skived ball of foot encourages smooth roll-through and articulation

Colour: Petal Pink Available

Current stock sizes shown below. N (Narrow )and M (Medium )widths 

Sizes suggested are approximate. Other sizes and widths available to order! 

 (Suggest starting with 3 sizes down from US size for approximate UK Size)

Capezio Phoenix #2

SKU: 1146W
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