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The Fouette Pro-Flex pointe shoe with V Cut and Drawstring, is made of traditional natural materials. Similar to Fouette, but with less noise and increased flexability due to the new additional innovative solutions plus this model features a V cut vamp with drawstring.

The shoe is extremely flattering, supportive, flexible and lightweight.

- Fits a variety of foot types - recommended for medium to high arches

- Slightly tapered toe box with V shape medium height vamp - Fouette Pro Flex model has a drawstring- Flat and stable medium size platform, balanced by hand

- Ideal performance shoe for flexibility and quietness

- PRO technology makes these pointe shoes almost noiseless on stage.

- FLEX technology ensures easier roll-up from demi-pointe to pointe.

-New, more flexible material used for the inner sole helps to save muscle energy while dancing. - The smart paste recalls and assumes the shape of the foot after the first pointework use. - Thick full-grain leather outsole for extra longer durability.


Model 0501/2

Shank Strength - Medium (Please ask to order Soft, Hard or Super Hard shank)

Sizes: 3 - 8.5


Grishko Fouette Pro Flex

SKU: 0501/2
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