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The brand new Grishko Super Triumph pointe shoe has a unique pre-arched insole and platform condtruction which utilises high tech materials, providing a longer life span and has all the features of the original popular Triumph model, but also with less noise due to a special light glue used in the inner detail construction.

The toe box that is made of natural materials, absorbs moisture and can adjusts to any foot arch and the insole is assembled by hand.


Best fit: square (Roman) feet with low or medium arch. Last type: Fouette, U-shaped medium vamp.

Box shape: slightly tapered.


- Fits a variety of foot types - particularly recommended for low to medium arches

- Slightly tapered toe box with medium height vamp and medium profile. 

- Ideal performance shoe for flexibility and quietness 
- Thick full-grain leather outsole for extra longer durability.


Model : 

Sizes:  3 - 8.5   

Widths:   X, XX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX

Grishko Super Triumph